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Diana Abousaleh
 is a Syrian-Venezuelan creative, mental health advocate, and educator. She holds a degree in Radio/TV/Film from the University of Texas At Austin as well as a Master’s in Entertainment Business. She has been writing for over eight years and has previously worked as a script reader for Televisa USA, Eclectic Pictures,  BlueCat, International Screenwriters Association and more.  Recently, she participated in the Cinephilia Productions Film Development Workroom for Middle Eastern filmmakers. 

Her diversity of life experiences enriches her writing and drives the complexities in her characters and their journeys. Through her stories, she hopes to bridge a much-needed cultural gap. She loves to explore social impact stories that challenge society’s expectations. One of her favorite things about storytelling is the ability to make interior life visible, and also show that exterior life can be worth a second look.When not writing, Diana is streaming shows and movies, researching new ideas and finding inspiration by watching Ted Talks or listening to podcasts.

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