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"Diana has incredible insight. She helped me to see my story in a different way. Her feedback is grounded in technique. However, she encourages you to be creative. I would highly recommend her services."

~Calvin Walker, Watchmen Media Productions

"Diana was always substantive in her analyses and offered constructive criticisms. She proved able to break a story down into its separate elements without ever losing the forest for the trees.  She always had an eye on how those elements built (or failed to build) to a cohesive whole. 

She was as concerned with the larger and deeper issues like the theme and a character's emotional journey as with plot points, a script's internal logic, and formatting. She was just as good offering praise, as she was panning a script, which is a surprisingly rare ability."

~John Yarincik, Executive Producer at Eclectic Pictures

"I can't even put into words how much Diana has helped me on my screenwriting journey. I was a novelist and had no idea about structure, format or visual storytelling. Diana graciously volunteered her time in helping me turn my book series into a web series and beyond. She is a true storyteller and will help you tell the best story possible. All done in LOVE!"

~A.R. Robinson, Author of Love, God & Tattoos

"I received Diana's consultation for my cyberpunk script called Monstrum. I am so grateful for the insightful and detailed notes Diana gave that helped me shape and craft my script. She gave feedback that enabled me to take my story in a unique and fresh perspective. I highly recommend receiving a consultation for your project." 

~Michelle Cornwell Jordan, 4CW Media Productions

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