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Screenwriting & Newsletter- Thank You!

Hello creative soul,

While I do believe that being thankful is all about mindset, and not about a single day/ holiday, I want to embrace the opportunity to express my gratitude for every single one of you.

It’s an honor to have you here.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for creating.

What started out as a series of IG posts to share my thoughts on the screenwriting process, turned into a passion project that has taught me valuable lessons. When I started this journey, I was learning to shift my mindset to one that:

  • Embraces setbacks and failures.

  • Enjoys and celebrates the journey of writing, instead of being hyper focused on a desired outcome.

To me, Screenwriting & is all about cultivating a growth mindset as creatives as well as sparking meaningful conversations about diversity in the film/tv industry. However, something I hadn't really considered is how wonderful it has been to meet (on Instagram) so many incredible creatives that share a mutual love for movies and our desire to do something fulfilling with this life.

As you kick off this holiday season, don’t forget to celebrate your ideas, your creativity, and your growth---at whatever stage you're in. And, if this time of the year creates any anxiety or stress, take some time to create something or put words on the page. Think about it: if you write about it, it’s no longer stuck in your head. Find what works for you. Remember, there are no wrong answers.

With creative love,

Diana Abousaleh

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