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Dear Cinema,

Anything can happen these days.

Times are weird.

I feel like we’ve lost touch.

But I have to ask.

After all these years,

How do you do it?

Could it be that you know me better than myself?

I’ll never understand how you manage to tap into such a personal part of me.

How do you manage to leave me reflecting on a film for days?

Alas, my point: I've never officially thanked you.

For staying by my side when I needed it the most.

When I had no idea what the world was about.

As a little girl, I was over the moon when the first Pokemon film released in 1998.

Did I ever tell you that my brother and I broke our VHS player from all the times we rewatched?

I became intrigued by the cinematic adventure of The Neverending Story (1984). Fun fact: I recently rewatched this film and experienced the most bizarre, skin-prickling déjà vu in my entire life. So many aspects of my fantasy interests came from that movie. A movie I barely remembered.

As a teenager, Donnie Darko (2001) really got me appreciating the more complex, yet still ludicrous aspects of film.

In my 20s, you helped me discover the abstract beauty of foreign films with films like Incendies and Life is Beautiful.

And today, you’re not just a distraction.

You’re a wake-up call.

A solution to a problem.

Your versatility never fails to amaze me.

Anything can happen.

A look at of some of the scenes in your ample repertoire of material that made me the creative that I am today:

-The docking scene in Interstellar

-The twist in Fight Club

The Halloween party scene in Donnie Darko

-The ending of Titanic.

-The winning scene in Rocky (the first one)

-Llorando scene in Mulholland Drive

-The ending of Life is Beautiful

-The whole mood and aesthetic of Eternal sunshine of the Spotless Mind

-The “splitting the crown” scene in Mean Girls.

-The unique structure of Memento.

-Th scene when Beth dies in Little Women.

-The scene when the students stands on top of the desk on the Dead Poets Society

-The slow fade in opening in Incendies

-Magneto lifting the submarine in X:Men First Class

-The montage scene in The Breakfast Club

-The concept of The Matrix

-The epic journey of LTR

-The intensity of “The Sunken Place” scene in Get Out

-the ending of Parasite

-The “good morning, and in case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night” from The Truman Show

-When Cran calls the KKK for the first time in Blackklansman

-The first 5 mins of Capernaum

-The twist of the Spanish thriller film The Invisible Guest

-The interrogation scene in the German film The Lives of Others

-The ending of Up

I could go on. Some of these scenes have made me grin like an idiot. Some have made me cry and feel so much sorrow that I forget it’s fake. But I’ll end by saying thanks once again. 🙏

You taught me to see beyond the physical world,

To imagine other worlds,

And to see things differently in my world.

Lastly, thanks for reminding me that instead of people-pleasing or trend-chasing, it’s best to create what I like. ❤

Because in the end,

Anything can happen. ✌

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